William Lowry (a retired tea planter, born in Ireland) and his wife Annie (born in Chester) settled in Lee-on-the-Solent around 1900. They had five children – William Augustine Harper, Auriol Ernest Eric, Sylvia Ann Dora Alice, Catherine Gwendoline, and Cyril John Patrick.

All three of William and Annie’s sons served as officers in the Army during World War One, and all three were killed in action.

On 4th June 1915, Harper Lowry aged 25 died in the Gallipoli campaign.
On 25th March 1918, Patrick Lowry aged 20 died on The Somme.
On 23rd September 1918, Eric Lowry aged 20 died in the 4th Battle of Ypres.

Lowry BrothersWilliam & Annie Lowry wanted some suitable local memorial in tribute to their sons. As Lee had no parish hall they offered in 1923 to purchase a surplus YMCA wooden hut at Gomer and to have it erected on a suitable site which they also bought and donated to St. Faith’s.  It was named the Lowry Memorial Hall (usually referred to as the Lowry Hut) and was regularly used for all sorts of functions.  The Lowry Hut stood on the site of what is now Hopscotch Nursery on Lee High Street.

Lowry Hut

By 1970 the Lowry Hut was in a poor state of repair and St Faith’s agreed to sell the land with the proceeds going to building a new hall adjacent to the church.  The Lowry Room and was opened in November 1979.

Lowry Room