We’re planning to upgrade the Parish Centre, to make it more accessible and greener!

Our accessible toilet is slightly too small, and wheelchair users have reported to us that it needs to be larger. We plan to move an internal wall outwards, to enlarge the toilet space. We also want to install a powered door, for easier access.

As current users will know, we don’t have any facilities for bike, buggy and mobility scooter storage. We want to install both simple hoops for bikes, and a covered facility for buggys, bikes and scooters. This will really help Rainbow Toddlers, our popular toddler group, and others as well. We want to encourage visitors to the Centre to cycle or walk, rather than drive to visit us.

Our main entrance doors are relatively heavy, and we want to install powered doors with sensor opening, to make access to the Centre easier.

We’re concerned that lights are often left on when not needed, so we want to install light sensors in corridors and toilets, for the ease of our guests and so that lights are only on when needed, saving energy.

These upgrades have been suggested by people who use the Parish Centre, but we’d love to hear more comments on our plans! Please contact us using the box below.

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